Are you looking for bookkeeping solutions for your business? We tailor our bookkeeping for your business needs, allowing you to take control of your business bookkeeping costs. Instead of a traditional ‘hourly billing’ rate, we will work collaboratively with you to determine a monthly ‘fixed fee’ that will enable us to tailor our services to your bookkeeping needs. We will always be clear about what is included in your services package. No second-guessing and we are always available for questions.


Whether you are brand-new and require set up and training or have an established business, we provide a wide range of services including: BAS, PAYG, GST and so much more!  


We know that numbers are not your thing.  That is what we are here for!  We will work with you to make sure you always understand the reports and the story behind the numbers.


KEY SOFTWARE      >>     Xero

Early Bird Accounts is proudly a Xero-Only firm – We are a Silver Partner and work exclusively with the bookkeeping and accounting software called Xero.  All our staff are required to be ‘Xero Certified’ – this is your guarantee that we understand the program and can use it most effectively to help you run your business.

Why Xero?  Xero is a cloud-based bookkeeping & accounting system that is easy to use and hard to break.  They are also a company dedicated to innovation, often creating their own companion programs that create a streamlined customer experience.


KEY SOFTWARE      >>     Receipt Bank

When added together with Xero, this program dramatically reduces data-entry time and errors. As an added bonus it helps you move to a ‘paperless’ business (at least for bookkeeping)!  And, even better, when combined with Xero, the two programs can go a very long way to helping you be ‘audit proof’.  What’s not to love there?


There are a wide variety of additional programs that can be used with Xero to help streamline the processes around the bookkeeping in your business. We will review, discuss, and advise on these to meet your individual requirements.

Our flexible, comprehensive monthly packages allow you to choose the



We provide full set up of Xero and ongoing training. Afterwards, dependent on your needs, services can include:

  • Monitoring your bookkeeping on a schedule that suits you.

  • Regularly reviewing books as needed or requested by you.

  • Monitor and manage for GST registration.

  • Assist with setting up your first employee.

  • Report on how your business is going – in terms you understand.


Already got Xero? No problem! You can move straight into what you need.


Think all things bookkeeping!

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Credit Cards

  • Loans

  • Bills payments

  • Wages

  • Single Touch Payroll

  • Payroll Lodgement

  • Superannuation

  • PAYG-W Payment Summaries

  • Workers Compensation Estimates / Actual Wages declaration

  • GST / PAYG-W

  • IAS / BAS / TPAR


We also provide a range of specialist services, including (but not limited to):

  • Xero set up and support transitioning from another system.

  • Cashflow monitoring, reporting, and assistance.

  • Budget / KPI monitoring

  • Systems review and advice.

  • Individualised training as needed.

  • Behind in your bookkeeping? Talk to us…

  • Pretty much anything else you can think of!


Can BAS Agents (Bookkeepers) Do Payroll?

Yes, BAS Agents are qualified to carry out all aspects of payroll to make sure that all of your business's employees are paid the right amount on schedule. Our bookkeeping service can include a full payroll service, including setting your payroll up and maintaining carrying out payroll operations on a weekly or monthly basis - whatever works for your business.

What Services Does A BAS Agent (Bookkeeper) Offer?

BAS Agents (bookkeepers) offer a comprehensive service to business owners looking for help organising and updating their business accounts and financial records. This includes everything from setting up accounting systems, invoicing clients, and creating management reports to budgeting, creating cash flow reports, and business planning. In other words, a BAS Agent (bookkeeper) can help you to monitor your business's financial health and plan for the future, as well as keep your books up to date.

Can Bookkeeping Be Done Remotely?

Yes, if you're struggling to find a BAS Agent (bookkeeper) locally, you can hire them to work remotely. All we need to handle all of your company's accounts is access to your financial data and accounts. If you choose to operate remotely, we can digitise your accounts so that you have access to real-time data relating to your business as well as the option to access your accounts from any device anywhere in the world.

Will Professional Bookkeeping Help My Business?

Yes, there are lots of ways in which hiring a professional BAS Agent (bookkeeper) can help your business to flourish. As professionals, we can quickly and efficiently keep all of your accounts up to date and accurate, which saves you time and money in the long run and frees up your staff to focus on tasks that add genuine value to your business. Because we're professionals, we can ensure that you are fully compliant with all relevant regulations, and also offer you advice and recommendations on structuring your business for optimal efficiency.

Can I Do Bookkeeping Myself?

If your business is new and you want to cut costs by carrying out all of your bookkeeping services yourself, you can learn more about how to bookkeep online. Some of the most popular bookkeeping software programs include Xero Resources and MYOB Resources, and these can help you to get started with bookkeeping for yourself. We understand why many new business owners want to do as much as possible themselves, but in the long run, hiring a professional reduces your chances of filing incorrect statements and increases your business efficiency.

What's The Difference Between An Accountant And A BAS Agent / Bookkeeper?

Accounting and bookkeeping are not exactly the same. While accountants interpret and analyse financial data, bookkeepers are primarily responsible for recording it. You would hire an accountant to analyse your company's financial records and make recommendations on business growth, cash flow strategies, and tax efficiency, while you might hire a bookkeeper to manage your daily accounts, record financial information, and prepare documents that ensure your business is compliant with local laws. Accountants and bookkeepers offer services that complement each other, which is why many business owners choose to hire both.


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